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Since 1994 we have been providing you with a range of top quality lamps, which are a perfect complement to both classic and modern interior designs.

Over the years, from a small family business with a few employees, we have grown into a dynamic company employing over 360 people.


Nowodvorski has two production plants with a total area of 15,000 m2, and a new high bay warehouse with an area of 4,500 m2, with a semi-automatic order picking process and the latest generation WMS.

The new logistics centre was launched in September 2017. The production plants are equipped with the state-of-the-art system of computer-controlled (CNC) machines and equipment necessary in our speciality.


Our team

Trust and bond-building are the values that we cherish, and this is why most of our employees have been with us for many years, and their knowledge, experience, diligence and professionalism are the basic factors contributing to the success of the brand.

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Our company in figures



15000 m2

Manufacturing space

4500 m2

warehousing space

333 t

sheet metal processed

230 t

tubes and steel profiles processed

18,5 t

aluminium profiles processed

80 t

wire processed

20,5 t

plastics processed


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We offer advanced technologies and tools to provide you with the desired solution.

We are open to implementing new technologies.


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For the production of steel sheets we mainly use the punching method, which is implemented with the Trumpf Tru Punch 5000 machine. This machine allows flexible machining of parts by hammer cutting, forming with a possibility of rotation of all tools including thread cutting up to the M10 size. The working format of the sheet is 2.5 m x 1.25 m and the sheet thickness is 0.5 mm-8 mm.

The equipment resources are numerically controlled machines for manufacturing 2- and 3-dimensional formed elements from such manufacturers as Wafios, Ultimat, Ylm, Susek. These machines enable 3D and 2D wire forming from 2-6 mm in size at an average speed of 60 parts per minute. Element length up to 1,200 mm. These machines automatically pick, shape, cut and, in some models, weld closed parts. We also have machines for tube bending.

For spinning we use a CNC machine fitted with tooling allowing for spinning of items with an input format of 900 mm and material thickness of 4 mm.

Our logistics centre and warehouses accommodate 6,500 pallet spaces. The warehouse is serviced by Jungheinrich picking and auxiliary trucks.

Our powder coating plant can coat parts of the following dimensions:

  • length 2,000 mm
  • width 600 mm
  • conveyor load capacity up to 60 kg/linear meter

The paint shop has a 5-stage spray wash with passivation, the paint coating process is controlled by Wagner paint unit fitted with a Super Cube booth, a recovery system and the powder centre PXE.

Our machinery assets include

  • ArcWorld V2 welding cell equipped with a 6-axis Yaskawa robot capable of welding aluminum and black steel with the following dimensions: width 1200 mm, depth 700 mm, height 550 mm,
  • 18 fully equipped MIG welding stations,
  • 13 TIG welding stations
  • 21 Aspa welding stations
  • Trumpf TruBend 3066 press brake with bending length of 2,040 mm
  • Rico press brake with bending length of 2,000 mm
  • Haco guillotine shears for widths up to 3,000 mm

We use the following equipment to process aluminium:

  • ABCD Machinery aluminium cutting saw
  • Pei Point Inverter welder

We have the capability of automatic grinding of:

  • surfaces
  • tubes
  • profile fronts
  • other irregular items

We can manufacture simple forms and PS laminate items.

We currently have approx. 120 assembly stations, which number can be increased to further 80 stations.

Our painting capabilities include 5 independent paint booths.

We process plastics:

  • polypropylene
  • ABS
  • polyamide
  • polycarbonate
  • polyamide with glass fibre

We can manufacture very complex products in a single process operation, obtaining a ready to use product, practically without any finishing treatment. Our machinery assets include:

  • Welltec injection moulding machine, 260 tonnes, full automatic cycle
  • 2 Cosmos injection moulding machines, 180 tonnes, fully automatic
  • 2 Welltec injection moulding machines, 90 tonnes, fully automatic
  • 1 Żywiec UT.0,25 injection moulding machine, 25 tonnes, fully automatic
  • 1 WH injection moulding machine, 80 tons, semi-automatic
  • 1 Monomat Żywiec injection moulding machine, 150 tons, automatic


Contact details

Nowodvorski subcontracting
  • Company headquarters
  • ul Bojemskiego 11
  • 42-202 Częstochowa
  • Manufacturing plant
  • ul. Kopalniana 2
  • 41-100 Siemianowice Śląskie

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